OFA - New Hampshire Director Tim Arsenault on the 45th Anniversary of Medicare Becoming Law

Organizing for America- New Hampshire State Director Tim Arsenault released the following statement on the 45th anniversary of Medicare becoming law:

“On the 45th anniversary of President Johnson signing Medicare into law we are reminded of the vital role this social safety net plays in the lives of millions of America’s senior citizens. In 1965, millions of seniors did not have adequate health insurance coverage and struggled to pay the cost of their medical care, forcing them to pass on large bills to their children. Medicare has brought peace of mind and better health to our senior citizens by ensuring they receive the care they need at prices they can afford.

“The Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama in March marks another victory for Medicare. By fighting waste, fraud, and abuse and beginning to close the ‘doughnut hole’ seniors fall in to when paying for prescription drugs, the Affordable Care Act will help keep Medicare fiscally sound for years to come. That is why OFA supporters in New Hampshire worked so hard and made hundreds of thousands of calls to Congress, sent hundreds of thousands of letters, and held tens of thousands of events to make the case for this historic reform to their members of Congress. And thanks to President Obama and Congressional Democrats, these changes help make sure millions of seniors continue to receive the benefits and health care they rely on.”