Ayotte For US Senate - Kelly’s Campaign Bulletin

TONIGHT – Team Ayotte Ice Cream Socials

With temperatures expected to climb to the 90s today, come cool off TONIGHT at one of Kelly’s ice cream socials. She’ll be hosting supporters – and potential supporters – at special grassroots events Tuesday evening in Concord and Manchester. See below for details. If you can make it, send an email to Dan@ayotteforsenate.com

Merrimack County Ice Cream Social
Grappone Center
70 Constitution Avenue
5:30 – 6:30 PM

Hillsborough County Ice Cream Social

Ayotte for Senate HQ
101 Charles Street
(for those using gps or google maps use 117 Kidder St. and we are directly across the street from that)
7 – 8 PM

Union Leader Calls Out Hodes’ Smears

The Union Leader today joined growing condemnation of Paul Hodes’ misleading attack ad against Kelly.

As you may have heard, last week the independent watchdog FactCheck.org declared Hodes’ TV ad “false.” And Foster’s Daily Democrat dismissed it as “nasty” and suggested the Congressman “take an antibiotic and hot shower to wash away political dirt.”

Well, today the Union Leader called Hodes’ spot “blatantly false” and said he should be ashamed of himself.

“Rep. Paul Hodes should be ashamed of himself. He'd have to have a sense of shame, though, to do that. His blatantly false attacks against his leading rival for the U.S. Senate, former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, show that he hasn't one.

“In a TV ad, Hodes issues this outrageous lie about Ayotte: ‘Two days before she resigned, she made sure her e-mail would be erased.’ The exact opposite is true. Most of her e-mails were saved, and she asked that they all be made public.” Click here to read the entire editorial.

Hodes’ attempts to distort Kelly’s record aren’t passing the smell test – and it’s clear that outside observers won’t let him get away with spreading his lies.

One thing that’s clear is this: Hodes’ attacks on Kelly confirm that she is the one candidate he doesn’t want to run against this fall.

Stay Tuned: An Important Announcement Via Facebook and Twitter

If you aren’t already following Kelly on Facebook and Twitter, now’s the time to do so. The campaign is set to make an important announcement this week on its social networking pages.