CHQ - When Government Publishes Your Home Address

When Government Publishes Your Home Address

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When Government Publishes Your Home Address
American Thinker - Mark Fitzgibbons sounds the alarm on North Carolina Secretary of State (and Democratic U.S. Senate nominee) Elaine Marshall, a dedicated proponent of Big Government and advocate for the statist left. Fitzgibbons says Marshall is abusing the power of her office by disclosing the names and addresses of private individuals on her state's Website who register under a charitable solicitation law (exposing them to possible threats and intimidation) - which makes putting the power of government in her hands a very dangerous proposition, indeed.

Palin Is Still Shaking Up The Alaska GOP Establishment By Endorsing Miller
American Spectator - Robert Stacy McCain writes of Gov. Sarah Palin's endorsement of outsider GOP U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller in her native Alaska, arguing that Palin's nod could possibly be enough to put Miller over the top in his challenge to incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.  McCain is impressed by Palin's ability to instantly raise the profile of candidates she endorses - and Miller seems to be a worthy alternative to a Senator that many consider to be a RINO (Murkowski's lifetime ACU rating is 70.19).

Southern Colorado's Sheldon Bloedorn Is Conservative To The Core
Pueblo Chieftain - Like thousands of people across America, Colorado's Sheldon Bloedorn was frustrated with the direction of his local Republican Party - so he joined with others to create the Southern Colorado Tea Party and soon became its leader.  Bloedorn says he's always been conservative and sees his activity within the Tea Party as a civic duty to America - a means to bring the country back to its original emphasis on individual liberty and property rights.

No Turning Back From Change In The GOP
Washington Times - Conservative radio host Steve Deace writes of the changing nature of the Republican Party, with the conservative base no longer content to put the Party's welfare and survival above principle and the Constitution.  Deace says grassroots conservatives will no longer accept top-down leadership from the GOP, preferring instead to change the paradigm in favor of their issues and methods - and eventually, the old Republican guard will have to go along or cease to be relevant. 

Republicans Seem To Have Lost The Will To Fight Over Judges
Politico - Republicans are already conceding that they don't have the votes to stop the confirmation of Leftist Supreme Court Supreme nominee Elena Kagan, but perhaps even more disturbing is a decided lack of 'fight' in them to make Kagan's obvious political bias an issue with voters.  Republicans appear to be playing a political game once again, preferring not to make politically risky moves to defeat Kagan rather than taking the principled route and doing whatever possible to ensure that she won't sit on the Court.

An Educated Tea Party Is Armed (With Knowledge) And Dangerous To Liberals
Washington Post - Tea Parties around the country celebrated the Fourth of July holiday with a healthy dose of red, white & blue patriotism, but many local groups also used the occasion as an opportunity to further educate the public on the Constitution.  America's Tea Parties have already moved far beyond a mere 'protest' movement and are preparing conservatives at the grassroots level to mobilize and hold politicians accountable to the Constitution's founding principles once in office.

Colorado's Jane Norton Was AARP Lobbyist During Hillarycare Fight - Erick Erickson's done a little research on Colorado GOP U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton's past, spurred on by a recent admission by Norton that she once worked for AARP but 'couldn't remember' what she did for the organization.  Erickson found out that Norton worked as a lobbyist for the AARP (in Colorado) during the fight over Hillarycare in the early 90's - and it's no surprise that the group eventually came down on the side of Big Government taking over the healthcare industry.

GOP Tries To Nationalize Elections; Dems Resisting
Associated Press - Throughout the 2008 congressional campaign, conservatives were calling on Republicans to 'nationalize' the elections, begging them to focus on the growing federal budget deficit as well as the Democrats' liberal tilt on social issues - but the GOP leaders stubbornly refused.  They seem to be getting the message this time, however, emphasizing in local congressional races the Democrats' one-party rule and the radical Leftist agenda that the people in control have been pursuing.

University of Virginia Course On Conservatism Aims To Confront Left-Wing Bias Across The Country
Daily Caller - It's common knowledge that conservative philosophy is underrepresented on nearly all of America's college campuses, but a group of students and faculty at the University of Virginia decided to do something about it - and now they're getting a course of their own, Conservatism 101.  Topics include whether or not the Founding Fathers were liberal or conservative, libertarian philosophy, and Ronald Reagan, among others - and conservative stalwart Craig Shirley will be one of several lecturers.