US Senate candidate Bender says Uncle Sam can’t have his cake and eat it too

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

The expanding Uncle Sam character from Bender’s YUM! YUM! Ad shows the ever increasing size of our federal government.


 Hollis, NH- The new political advertisement from the Jim Bender for US Senate campaign has been creating interest as its political ad "YUM! YUM!" has logged close to 12,000 views this past Independence Day weekend.  The ad depicts an expanding Uncle Sam character becoming bloated while devouring cakes in the shape of government programs and bailouts, showing the ever increasing size of our federal government. Jim Bender says in response to this new ad launch that “Uncle Sam can’t have his cake and eat it too.  Americans are tired of our federal government feeding on their hard earn dollars.”

In case you missed it here is the buzz: 

POLITICO calls it a “must watch ad.”   

MSNBC featured it on the Ad Watch section of their website, “Uncle Sam Eats his Cake.” 

C-SPAN featured YUM! YUM! on their Campaign 2010 segment.

Washington Post blogger, Chris Cillizza posted the YouTube link.

The New Hampshire Union Leader’s Drew Cline gave the ad an “A for creativity.” 

Matt Simon of says, “Bender’s ad goes straight to the heart of what voters are actually angry about.”

The YUM! YUM!! commercial will be running on WMUR-TVand cable stations in New Hampshire during the next two weeks. In addition, several political blogs have featured the ad.   Click here to watch the ad