AFP - House vote today on blocking lame duck!

The Pelosi/Reid Congressional leadership crew is planning a "lame duck" session AFTER the election to push their left-wing, big government agenda unless we put the heat on them right now. 

They know that November is coming and the American people are fed up with the big government policies coming out of Washington, D.C. so they are planning one last push AFTER the election to get their agenda passed.

Fortunately, Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, is forcing a vote that will show us where every member of the U.S. House of Representatives stands on the lame duck session.  Price's privileged resolution would condemn the plans for a lame duck and pledge that the House will not have a lame duck session.

Democrats will try to block Price's common-sense resolution by offering a motion to table the resolution, which would kill it.  So a NO vote on tabling is a NO vote on the lame duck session!

Please click here to urge your member of Congress to vote NO on a lame duck session!

We know what the Left wants from a "Lame Duck" session in December because they're actually telling their friends in the media.  Senator John Kerry, taking time out from docking his yacht outside his home state of Massachusetts to avoid paying taxes on it, told Bloomberg News that cap-and-trade will be on the agenda which White House Climate Czar Carol Browner confirmed on NBC over the weekend.  And, we know that President Obama's budget deficit reduction package which will clearly contain tax increases will be on the agenda as well.  Naturally, the Big Labor unions are pushing for provisions of Card Check and a union pension bailout.

AFP's own Phil Kerpen recently wrote a piece about how putting pressure on candidates in upcoming Senate special elections in Delaware, Illinois and West Virginia create the best opportunity to stop the "lame duck" session and you can read it by CLICKING HERE.

But while the Senate is in recess this week, the House will be taking the first key vote that tests their desire to pursue massive policy changes in a lame duck session. 

We need to put members of the House on record now, before the election, and demand they commit to opposing a lame duck session.



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PS:  Ignoring an election by holding a "lame duck" session in December?!?  That's exactly what Reid/Pelosi and their team wants to do.  Let's make sure your member of Congress hears from you - CLICK HERE TO TELL your member to vote NO on the "lame duck."