CHQ - Lack of Focus on Fundraising Could Hurt Tea Party

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Politico: Tea Party's lack of focus on fundraising could end up hurting the movement
Politico -- There's little doubt that money played a role in founding America's Tea Parties (the fact that government was taking so much and mishandling it), but now that the movement is well underway, elements of it are having difficulty raising the funds needed to sustain it and provide it greater influence.  The problem stems from the movement's aversion to the corrupting influence of money and that major donors have been hesitant to lend their names to a movement they have little control or influence over.

Has the GOP Learned Anything from Recent Electoral Debacles?
Pajamas Media -- Self-described former Republican Jeff Pope writes that he's still not interested in rejoining the GOP despite its overtures to disaffected conservatives and promises of change and says the Party has a lot of work left to do if it truly wants him back.  Foremost among Pope's requests is a complete changeover in the Republican Party leadership as well as a call to adopt a sense of 'purpose' that will guide it and foster the type of unity that will impress conservatives and welcome them back into the fold.

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