Guinta For Congress - Guinta Calls for Local Control on Education

$107 billion a year funneled into federal department that does nothing to help kids learn

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta re-asserted one of his boldest proclamations to start Week 3 of his ground-breaking “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut initiative. Guinta has called for the Department of Education to be abolished, and all of its programs terminated. Closing down the Department of Education would save taxpayers about $107 billion dollars each year.

“We’re funneling more than a hundred billion dollars a year into a cabinet department that does nothing to help American children learn,” said Guinta. “We need to return to the core belief that a quality education happens at the local level, and strip away the layers of bureaucracy between families and schools.”

Guinta cites about 50 years of increasing government intervention in education, which has done nothing to improve the education of American schoolchildren. Despite growing government involvement, K-12 test scores have remained stagnant. At the same time, Canadian students are outperforming American students, with little to no government interference. Currently, federal tax dollars are funneled into the Department of Education, with that money then coming back to state and local governments.

“It makes no sense for a parent to send their money to the federal government, just to have the federal government give it right back,” Guinta continued. “Let’s keep that money at home, so parents can decide for themselves what is best for their kids.”

Frank Guinta has proposed more than $280 billion in specific spending cuts for next year’s budget in the first fifteen days of the “Frank’s Fifty” program. Guinta will announce a specific spending cut every day until the Republican primary on September 14th. There are 36 days until this year’s primary. For more information about Frank Guinta’s campaign, visit