Bass For Congress - NH-02 Gets Recognized As Top 12 Seats To Flip!

H-02 Noted As Top Dozen Seats Likely To Switch Parties In November!

Dear Friend,

With less than 35 days to the Primary, my campaign for Congress continues to gain momentum. Just recently, Stu Rothenberg and Roll Call noted the Second District Congressional Seat as one of the twelve most likely seats to switch parties this November, and listed my campaign as one of the top reasons! Click Here To Read The Story!

While my hope is that New Hampshire voters will mark their ballots for fiscally conservative, common-sense minded Republican candidates this November, I will first have to be successful in garnering the Republican nomination in September's Primary. We have a clear path to victory in September and November, but I will need your help financially and at the grassroots level to ensure that our campaign has the necessary resources. Please contribute $12, $120, or more if you have had enough of the reckless spending and are ready to help me make Washington work for us again!


I hope that I can count on your support today and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!