Bender for Senate - Concord Monitor calls new Bender campaign web video, "creative," Thursday

In Case You Missed It
Concord Monitor
Sunday, August 8th

"Bender's last campaign ad - showing a greedy Uncle Sam eating cakes shaped like banks and college diplomas - went viral. Now, Bender has a creative web video. This one shows Bender taking his shoes to be resoled at Gary's Boot n' Shoe Repair in Nashua - his fifth pair in a couple of months, he says. "I've been campaigning all over the state, finding out what the people of New Hampshire are worried about, and they're worried about jobs, the soft economy, and government spending," Bender says. "This is what happens when we meet a couple hundred people a week and wear out shoes!

Employee Tom Dumais responds, "I'm not worried about jobs when I've got customers like you."

Unlike most political advertising, this interaction was spontaneous. Dumais said he was simply talking to Bender and did not know the Bender campaign was filming an ad. Dumais said Bender has actually brought five pairs of shoes to the store.'''