Bender for Senate - Republican Strategist Angela Davis endorses Jim Bender says Jim is "clearly the very best choice of the independent

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Bender Is Best Bet for New Hampshire
August, 9th, 2010

"In the state of New Hampshire Jim Bender has all of his focus and energy on the people of his great state and the hard race for U.S. Senate. A very different choice in the New Hampshire Republican primary, the honest Bender sets himself apart from the rest of the field with his skill set, experience, and straight talk. There is also the much talked about Bender shoes. His soles are so worn and tattered he’s been through a few pair. But he firmly believes if he is asking the voters to give him a job, he will earn it with a work ethic that is tough to find. He spends his days running door to door, event to event, looking to meet the voters. Quickly. Bender has had himself a challenge to land on the political scene, running against those who have had more political name recognition, clout, and clearly more time on the Washington insider “A” list. To combat the latter, he boasts Beth Lindstrom as campaign manager, a Republican sweetheart with a razor sharp acumen and a hearty appetite for political challenges. Well admired and highly skilled, Lindstrom hails from U.S. Senator Scott Brown’s race where she drove head on into the nasty wasp nest of liberal politics and in a calculated fashion, and came out the winner. Bender may be regarded as an underdog in certain circles, but so was Scott Brown. Clearly in New Hampshire the desire and intention of its people mirrors Massachusetts, as they also want an honest, hard working U.S. Senator without the Washington D.C. political grease on his hands. New Hampshire understands Bender is urgently needed in the Senate, because of economic woes, growing deficits and now the possibility of Washington pushing through another bailout. The other candidates simply do not have his skills and experience. Clearly a leader who has master the “turnaround” technique for failing businesses, Jim Bender, has put underperforming businesses back on track, growing his own entrepreneurial venture ‘IDEA’ computers peripherals to more than $25 million in just three years. It is on that venture Bender gave New Hampshire what it needed most: jobs. Employing hundreds of hardworking residents in his company. His cache of skills is what our nation so desperately needs now: someone who has helped to drive the economic engine of our nation, who has directly impacted job creation, and has a proven record of success with turnarounds. It is for these reasons that Bender is clearly the very best choice of the independent thinking, no-nonsense New Hampshire voters. Bender’s primary opponents recently insulted the New Hampshire voters by choosing to avoid a debate, taking away the voters right to hear from all the candidates in an open forum. Bender’s opponents prefer to buy time and resort to the negative campaigning early on by throwing cash at local networks. This is one of those moments in the history of New Hampshire where the rights of the voters and their ability to see through these tactics may well hand the victory to Bender, the right choice for right now. Bender has defined himself clearly and skillfully to the voters as N.H. best bet, and the win for him could very well be within reach."