Bender campaign releases 2nd Television Ad in campaign Featuring Uncle Sam Icon Entitled “Joyride”

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

WMUR-TV says Joyride “goes after excessive government spending”

Hollis, NH- Today, the Jim Bender for U. S. Senate campaign launches its latest addition to the Uncle Sam television ad series.  This new spot, entitled “Joyride,” shows the iconic Uncle Sam pulled over by the police while bringing countless programs and bailouts to New Hampshire from the Federal government.  Along for the ride is his sidekick “Earmark” the pig.  

Candidate Jim Bender loads Uncle Sam’s car onto a tow truck, sending Uncle Sam and all of the unwanted policies and pork back to Washington.  Jim says, “I trust the voters in New Hampshire to make their own choices.”

Commenting on the ad, Campaign Manager Beth Lindstrom says, “The essential message is less is more.  The independent-minded voters of New Hampshire know that decisions are better made on a local level, and the Federal government is out of control.  This Uncle Sam is an impostor.”

“Joyride” is the follow-up to the popular “Yum! Yum!” TV ad depicting an expanding Uncle Sam character that becomes bloated while devouring cakes symbolizing elements of the private sector economy.

Click here to see the the new "Joyride" Ad

The ad will premiere on WMUR- ABC Channel 9 during the Patriots game, Thursday, August 12th starting 7:30pm.


POLICE OFFICER: "You realize you were going ten miles per hour?"

UNCLE SAM: "Well that’s because of all these wonderful programs I’m bringing to New Hampshire." (Laughs)

“EARMARK” THE PIG: "Oink, Oink, Oink, Oink"

UNCLE SAM: "And you’ll just love these." (Laughs)

“EARMARK” THE PIG: "Oink, Oink, Oink, Oink"

POLICE OFFICER: "Can I get some back up?"

UNCLE SAM: "How’d this get in here?"

JIM BENDER: "Here in New Hampshire, we don’t want our Federal Government slowing us down.  I’m Jim Bender, running for the United States Senate, and I’ll send these programs back to Washington, where they belong. I trust the voters in New Hampshire to make their own choices. I’m Jim Bender and I approve this message."

UNCLE SAM: "Get your free money!"