Guinta For Congress - "Frank's Fifty" Targets Congressional Pensions


Part of larger plan to change the way business is done in Washington

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta has turned his attention to Congress itself, with his innovative “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut program. Today, Guinta called for an end to Congressional retirement benefits. Members of Congress are eligible for full a pension, provided they have served at least five years in Congress. Ending the Congressional pension system would save taxpayers at least $22 million a year.

“Being a member of Congress is supposed to be about serving your constituents, not about funding your own retirement,” said Guinta. “By taking away Congressional pensions, we will push the focus in Congress away from attaining power, and put it back on serving the people we are elected to represent.”

Taking away Congressional pensions is just one way Guinta hopes to reform Washington. Guinta also supports Congressional term limits, and rotating chairmanships for Congressional committees. Guinta points to the current controversy surrounding Representatives Charlie Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California. Both Rangel and Waters are long-time members of Congress currently accused of ethics violations. Rangel has served in Congress since 1971, while Waters has served since 1991.

“The scandals surrounding Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters have shown us why we need to change the incentives for serving in Congress,” Guinta continued. “If we can just change the way business is done in Washington, we can make it less attractive to serve for decades in Congress, and keep corrupt politicians like Rangel and Waters out.”

Frank Guinta has proposed more than $306 billion in specific spending cuts for next year’s budget in the first seventeen days of the “Frank’s Fifty” program. Guinta will announce a specific spending cut every day until the Republican primary on September 14th. There are 34 days until this year’s primary. For more information about Frank Guinta’s campaign, visit