Guinta For Congress - Shea-Porter Can't Help Spending Our Money


Vote to spend another $26 billion while House is supposed to be on vacation

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta today criticized Carol Shea-Porter for continuing to spend taxpayer money. On Tuesday Shea-Porter enthusiastically voted to spend another $26 billion to bail out states. This vote came during what was supposed to be the House’s normal August recess, and despite the House still not yet passing a budget. Right now the country faces a projected $1.5 trillion budget deficit in the next fiscal year.

“Carol Shea-Porter just can’t help herself from spending taxpayer money, even when they’re supposed to be on vacation,” said Guinta. “We have more than a trillion-dollar deficit, and no budget in place. But that doesn’t stop Shea-Porter from spending another 26 billion dollars we don’t have.”

Yesterday’s vote also highlights where Carol Shea-Porter’s allegiances lie. Shea-Porter sided with DC lobbyists like the American Federal for State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), who praised passage of this bill. AFSCME is now funneling money from Washington to New Hampshire to personally thank Shea-Porter for her vote in favor of her powerful union interests. Campaign finance reports also show Shea-Porter accepted more than $70,000 in contributions from Washington lobbyists in the 2nd quarter of 2010.

“Carol Shea-Porter says she doesn’t stand for Washington special interests, but her actions and her bank account tell a different tale,” Guinta continued. “Carol Shea-Porter showed with her vote on this bill that she stands with Washington lobbyists, and against New Hampshire taxpayers.”

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