CHQ - GOP all-star team benched by conservative upstarts

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GOP establishment's all-star team finds itself benched by conservative upstarts
Washington Times -- "Instead of rolling to victory, the GOP's well-groomed recruits have been sideswiped by insurgents, unknowns and dark horses, challengers whose failure to win the party's seal of approval was suddenly viewed by voters as a plus."

Rep. Paul Ryan is being attacked for being honest about the federal budget -- Wall Street Journal

On its 75th anniversary, Social Security faces serious problems --

Palin joins Armey as lifelong Republicans boost Tea Party 'hostile takeover' -- Bloomberg

GOP leaders lack concrete plans to reduce debt -- San Francisco Chronicle

Barbara Hollingsworth: Virginia's Cuccinelli wins first round on Obamacare -- Washington Examiner

The conservative movement turns its eyes to Maine -- Daily Caller

Signs of a gathering Republican super storm in November -- Pajamas Media

James Caan refuses to be the typical 'Hollywood Liberal' -- FOX News

A President Coburn could be the answer to all our problems -- American Thinker

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Richard A. Viguerie