Heritage - August Townhall Meeting Resources Kit from Heritage

The House of Representatives was called back into session this week to pass another $26 billion bailout bill. Now that Congress has gone home for good this August, I wanted to share some resources for your use as you attend townhall meetings between now and mid-September when your elected representatives return to Washington.


The Tax Cuts Didn't Cause the Budget Deficit
Both past and the future budget deficits are driven substantially more by rising spending than by tax cuts. Lawmakers should tighten their belts and rein in spending before demanding more taxes from the American people.

Federal Spending by the Numbers 2010

Budget Chart Book: The Federal Budget in Pictures

U.S. Long-Term Debt Situation Is One of the World’s Worst

Five Ways to Tackle Spending and Deficits
2010 Social Security Trustees Report: Reform Needed Now

Health Care
(  fixhealthcarepolicy.com)

The Prospects for Ending Obamacare: Learning from Health Policy History
The health care debate is not over. For millions of Americans living today, it will never be over. It has only begun.

Utah’s Defined Contribution Option: Patient Centered Health Care  
No CLASS: How Congress Saddled Taxpayers with Another Costly Entitlement

Health Care Pamphlet (from the National Center for Policy Analysis)
What Does Health Care Reform Mean For You (also from NCPA)

Obamacare: Impact on Doctors, Seniors, and States

Obamacare's Impact on Doctors


The Economic Impact of an Offshore Drilling Ban
If a total ban on offshore drilling is implemented by 2011, then by 2035 Americans could expect national income (GDP) to drop by $5.5 trillion, total costs of imported oil to rise by $737 billion, total disposable income to decrease $54,000 per family of four, and job losses to exceed 1.5 million. A total ban on offshore drilling would pull the rug out from the economy’s incipient recovery.

Need for Moratorium Mitigated by New Oil Spill Response Capacities
Oil Spill Liability: A Plan for Reform
Critical Lessons from the Federal Response to the Gulf Oil Spill

Stopping the Slick, Saving the Environment: A Framework for Response, Recovery, and Resiliency
Cap-and-Trade Bill Would Make Housing Less Affordable


Total Tax Burden Is Rising to Highest Level in History
Taxes are projected to increase rapidly under various policy scenarios. If the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire and more middle-class Americans are required to pay the alternative minimum tax (AMT), taxes will reach unprecedented levels. The tax burden will climb even if those tax breaks are extended. President Obama’s budget, which cuts some taxes and raises others, also increases the overall tax burden.


Obama’s 2011 Budget Tax Hikes Contradict Focus on Job Creation
How the Death Tax Kills Small Businesses, Communities—and Civil Society
The Economic Case Against the Death Tax
Obama’s Dividend Tax Proposal Means More Debt, More Instability
Obama's Tax Plan: Bad for Economic Growth



White House Must Stop Playing Politics with Immigration and Arizona Law
Congress should reject efforts by the White House to demonize the people of Arizona in a crass effort to further the President’s political agenda. Congress should also insist on incremental, commonsense policies that will address the pressing need for immigration and border security reforms instead of the amnesty-first approach-which both the American people and Congress roundly rejected the last time it was proposed in 2007.

Border Security: The Heritage Foundation Recommendations
The following papers offer a comprehensive review of The Heritage Foundation’s most recent work on the border security component of immigration reform.

Foreign Policy

New START: Beyond the Rhetoric
The treaty imposes significant limitations on U.S. ballistic missile defenses, and new limitations continue to be unmasked as the treaty is scrutinized. Considering the rising threat from Iran’s nuclear and missile programs, not to mention North Korea’s existing threat, limiting America’s ability to defend itself should be a non-starter.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Trust Russia