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HORN: I am the only Candidate who can win in November!
Highlights the need to create Jobs & Stop the Spending

NASHUA - At tonight's Second Congressional District Debate sponsored by the Nashua
Republican City Committee, Jennifer Horn, Republican Candidate for Congress, made
the case why she is the only candidate who can win in November and should be the
GOP nominee.

"The next Congress is going to take on critically important issues: Cap & Trade,
accessing our own natural resources, earmarks, and most importantly, spending,"
said Horn. "Congressman Bass has been on the wrong side of every one of these issues."
"Republicans have a credibility problem," Horn continued. "The last Republican majority
spent too much, grew government too much, became arrogant and corrupt and they were
fired with cause. If we are going to earn back the trust - and the votes - of our
neighbors across the district, we must offer them something different."

During the debate, Jennifer spoke on issues ranging from earmarks, Cap & Trade,
deficits, spending and job creation.

"We need jobs. We need Congress to stop spending. We need a government that functions
within its constitutional limits. And we need to put an end to the reign of career
politicians and Washington insiders once and for all," said Horn. "That means we
must have leaders who will fight for a balanced budget amendment, a constitutionally
sound line item veto, sunset provisions, elimination of earmarks, put an end to
congressional pensions and most importantly - we must have term limits."

Much of the conversation focused on experience. Congressman Bass has built his
campaign on his experience inside Washington.

Horn concluded: "When Charlie Bass talks about experience, what he really means
is expensive. I have a very different experience. My husband and I have run a
small business, I have worked in the health insurance industry, I had a talk radio
show and I am a mom, raising five children right here in Nashua. If we are going
to change Washington, it is time to send someone with real-world experience."



Jennifer Horn, the 2008 Republican nominee for NH-2, is a candidate for US Congress
in 2010. Jennifer was the first woman nominated to federal office by the NH Republican

A businesswoman, radio talk show host, mother and taxpayer, Jennifer is running
a fiscally conservative campaign based on reducing the federal deficit through cutting
the size and cost of government, and on changing the way Washington does business
through common-sense reforms such as term limits, elimination of the earmark process,
sunset provisions on federal spending and the elimination of Congressional pensions.

As the host of a radio talk show, Jennifer won three NH Association of Broadcasters
awards, including two First Place Golden Mic Awards. She produced two award winning
specials: Illegal Immigration in America, and Welcome Home Bravo Company.
Jennifer was a weekly columnist and a features writer for the Nashua Telegraph,
the second largest newspaper in NH, for five years. Her column focused on family
and community and became a favorite of Telegraph readers. Jennifer is also the
author of a book, Hope Is A Walking Dream. The proceeds from the sale of her book
were donated to breast cancer support charities.

Jennifer has been a small business owner, as a partner with her husband, Bill, in
a small management consulting company and has worked in the health insurance industry.
Jennifer has spent a lifetime making a difference in her community. She served
on the Board of Directors for Marguerite's Place, a shelter for women and children,
the Nashua Police Athletic League and currently serves on the Board of Directors
for the Nashua YMCA. She has also received the Spirit of Hope Award for nearly
ten years of dedicated service to the Chernobyl Children Project, USA and in 2007
co-chaired the very successful Operation America Rising NH Support the Troops rally
in Nashua, NH.

Jennifer grew up in upstate New York, one of ten children. Her father, a banker,
and her mother, a stay-at-home mom, taught Jennifer the importance of serving your
community and becoming part of efforts greater than yourself.

Jennifer attended a small liberal arts college in Albany, NY where she studied Communications.
Jennifer lives in Nashua, NH with her husband, Bill, and their five children.