Horn For Congress - In Case You Missed It: Horn: We must cut expenses, taxes

Horn: We must cut expenses, taxes
New Hampshire Union Leader

MANCHESTER - Jennifer Horn hopes to ride the wave of dissatisfaction with Congress to victory in the Republican nomination for the 2nd District Congressional seat in September and all the way in November.

Unlike her chief primary opponent, Horn says she is not a politician and wants to rid Washington of the corruption and back-room deals.

"I want to see the money spent in a honorable and transparent manner. To tack earmarks onto unrelated bills is morally reprehensible," said Horn, a Nashua radio show host and newspaper columnist who was her party's nominee two years ago.

In an interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader, Horn said she not only wants to eliminate earmarks entirely, she also wants a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget, a presidential line-item veto and sunset provisions for all government programs.

The focus has to be cutting both expenses and taxes, she said. Horn wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and then reduce the rates some more and to reduce government "across the board. Every single part of government has room to cut. That's why I like the sunset provision; you constantly revisit expenses."

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