b-fresh consulting, llc Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

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b-fresh consulting, llc Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

Manchester, NH -- b-fresh consulting, llc, a full service project management and consulting firm, is pleased to announce the celebration of its two year anniversary. The firm was founded in June 2008 in a small backyard in Washington, DC’s Kent neighborhood.

“Sarah and I started b-fresh consulting because we saw a marketplace for strategic advice and project management that matched proven presidential level campaign tactics with fresh thinking,” said firm co-founder Christopher Stewart. “We’ve had a wonderful first two years and the future looks equally bright.”

b-fresh consulting, llc assists a wide variety of corporate and political clients with strategic planning, new media communications and crisis management. The firm moved to New Hampshire in early 2009.

“One reason we made the decision move our business to Manchester, New Hampshire is because New Hampshire’s First-In-The-Nation Primary status allows b-fresh the opportunity to create unique relationships at the intersection of business, politics and media, which we then leverage on behalf of our clients,” said firm co-founder Sarah Crawford Stewart. “The other reason is that New Hampshire is just a really fun place to live.”

To find out what b-fresh can do for your business or political campaign, please call (603) 391.9041 or email us at info@bfreshconsulting.com