CEI Weekly: Congress Bails Out State Teachers' Unions

CEI Weekly

August 13, 2010 

>>Congress Bails Out State Teachers' Unions

This week the House voted to funnel more federal money to public employee unions. The $10 billion “Education Jobs Fund” will be set aside to bailout state teachers’ unions, who earlier this year received $53.5 billion. Labor Policy Analyst Vincent Vernuccio slammed the bailout in his recent American Spectator op-ed, calling it “payback” for the unions’ support for Democratic candidates. Senior Counsel Hans Bader also criticized the teachers’ bailout on OpenMarket.

Read more at The Washington Examiner.

>>[Video] Chris Horner of the Politics of Cap and Trade on Fox Business 

>>Shaping the Debate 

Before Net Neutrality Eats the World

Wayne Crews' op-ed in The Daily Caller

The Real Nuclear Option

Iain Murray's op-ed in The Washington Examiner's Examiner Opinion Zone

Obama Cripples Ford's Funding, Then Subsidizes it

John Berlau and Andrew Kwiatkowski's op-ed in The American Spectator

Is net neutrality good for gaming?

Ryan Radia's citation on GamePro

>>Best of the Blogs

Around the Country with Public Sector Unions

by Ivan Osorio

Not So Ancient History - How CEI (and friends) Nixed Early Action Crediting (on three separate occasions)

by Marlo Lewis

>>LibertyWeek Podcast

Episode 105: Neutering the Net

Richard Morrison and Marc Scribner welcome new media guru Brooke Oberwetter to the show to discuss the latest developments in the net neutrality battle, Minneapolis’ failures in urban planning, the FDA’s desire to regulate e-cigarettes, and legalizing Internet gambling. 

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