Guinta For Congress - "Frank's Fifty" Holds Unions Accountable

Calls for an end to mandated project labor union agreements

Manchester, NH – Republican Congressional candidate Frank Guinta continued his innovative “Frank’s Fifty” spending cut program by targeting an expensive government mandate. Guinta today called to prohibit mandated project labor union agreements (PLA’s) for government construction projects. The Obama administration describes a PLA as “a pre-hire collective bargaining agreement with one or more labor organizations that establishes the terms and conditions of employment for a specific construction project.” PLA’s are required for all projects in excess of $25 million, and prevent an open, competitive bidding process. Banning these forced agreements will save taxpayers at least $6 billion a year, or up to 20% of total construction costs.

“These mandated PLA’s choke off competition from non-union construction firms, and go entirely against free-market principles,” said Guinta. “By removing these PLA mandates, we will open up construction projects to all firms, lowering costs to taxpayers.”

Stripping away PLA mandates is just one way to reduce the amount of power and influence unions have in the workplace. Guinta is a staunch opponent of the falsely-named Employee Free Choice Act, also known as Card Check. This bill would remove secret ballots on elections concerning union organization. In any vote on establishing a union, employees would have to fill out cards which list their personal information. This shows union bosses exactly how each person votes, leaving the process open to intimidation and coercion.

“PLA’s and Card Check are nothing more than ways to feed union coffers at the expense of working men and women,” Guinta continued. “We need to remove these harmful barriers to the free market, maintain workers’ rights, and open the doors to open and fair competition.”

Frank Guinta has proposed more than $315 billion in specific spending cuts for next year’s budget in the first eighteen days of the “Frank’s Fifty” program. Guinta will announce a specific spending cut every day until the Republican primary on September 14th. There are 32 days until this year’s primary. For more information about Frank Guinta’s campaign, visit