Bass For Congress - MSNBC Lists NH-02 and the Bass Campaign As One Of The Top 4 Races In The Country!

I wanted to quickly share this video with you in between campaign stops today.

On Friday, MSNBC Political Analyst Chuck Todd shared his "Final Four" congressional races that he believes will determine which party will control the House of Representatives. He listed New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District as one of the top four races, saying that this seat will determine whether Republicans take back the House.

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Other political analysts agree that our race is one of the top in the country. The Washington Post listed this district as one of the top 30 seats likely to switch parties. The Cook Political Report said that the Democrats were underdogs in this race and the odds were in our favor.

But make no mistake about it – this race will be close! We need to make sure we have the resources to get our message out to the voters across this district. You can help spread our message by contributing $20.10 today to help pay for the yard signs, mailers, TV ads and grassroots organization that is needed to get our message out there!

Chuck Todd listed NH-02 as one of the top four races this election cycle, reporting that without a win in this district, it will be extremely difficult for the GOP to regain the majority.

Contribute $20.10 or more today to make sure that my campaign has the resources to be successful this fall! It’s only by working together that we can take back the House and return fiscal responsibility to Washington!


I know that with your help, I am the candidate that can put this seat back into fiscally responsible hands.


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