CHQ - Richard Viguerie on the death of James J. Kilpatrick

(Manassas, Virginia)  Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, issued the following statement on the death of columnist James J. Kilpatrick:

"When I moved to Washington, Virginia in 1984, James J. Kilpatrick was one of the first to welcome me to Rappahannock County.  Kilpatrick wrote his widely syndicated columns from Scrabble, Virginia, just a few miles from 'Little Washington.'

"In the dark ages of conservatism--before direct mail, before Rush, before the Fox News Channel, and way before the Internet--there was Kilpatrick with his columns and national television appearances.  He gave encouragement to millions of conservatives as he expressed their beliefs.

"Kilpatrick was there at the beginning of the modern political era in the 1950s.  For over 40 years, his voice helped pave the way for those who came after him in building the conservative movement."