CHQ - Tea Parties should beware of the statists' Spider's Web

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Mark Fitzgibbons:  Tea Parties should beware of the statists' Spider's Web
American Thinker -- Mark Fitzgibbons warns of an anti-First Amendment regulatory 'spider's web' waiting to ensnare America's Tea Parties. The statists' idea of competing in the marketplace of ideas is to regulate it. Fitzgibbons focuses on liberal writer Rick Cohen's article (first in a series) about the organizational structure of the Tea Parties. Cohen's ideological bent and close association with liberal organizations seems to prevent him from fully understanding what the conservative, constitutional small-government grassroots movement is all about.

Main Street is reasserting its power over the ruling class
Washington Times -- Doug Mainwaring touches on the rise of America's Tea Parties, which he asserts is a force that would have arrived regardless of whether President Obama or John McCain had won the election and was in the works long before Rick Santelli's rant on CNBC.  Mainwaring says the Tea Parties' ascension was entirely due to the will of the American people in asserting their natural rights against a progressive government and its crony special interests in the elite class--and the best part is the movement has just gotten started.

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