NHDP - In Case You Missed It: Mayor and talk-show host trade trash talk

Another Republican Manchester Mayor is picking fights

Manchester - During a meeting on Elm Street earlier this month, Republican Mayor Ted Gatsas told a co-host of the Manchester Public TV show 'Manchesterdam' that he would "mop [his] face with the floor." Gatsas's violent comment was in response to some harsh criticism the host, Ryan Gorman, had leveled at him on a previous show.

"Does Mayor Gatsas think this is appropriate behavior for the City's highest elected official," asked Mike Brunelle, chair of the Manchester City Democrats.  "Because it is not in the slightest.  If Gatsas wanted to pay homage to his predecessor Frank Guinta, he should have picked something other than Guinta's bar room brawling behavior to mimic."

According to Gorman, he approached Gatsas to show that there were no hard feelings after the airing of his program. The Mayor reacted by shaking his hand with a "killer grip," and said that if he were if he were 20 years younger he'd "mop [Gorman's] face with the floor." Gatsas confirmed the story with a reporter at the Union Leader, and added that he may have said 40 years, instead of 20.

"The Mayor threatening to beat up tax payers on Elm Street is not a joking matter," continued Brunelle.  "His glib response maybe getting laughs amongst his staffers in city hall, but as a lifelong resident of Manchester, I am sorry to see that he doesn't take his job more seriously."

Gatsas's inappropriate comments are not an isolated incident, but part of a pattern of bullying behavior by the Mayor since he assumed office.  Earlier this year, Gatsas yelled at school board member during a committee meeting for offering a relevant amendment he didn't like.

"Mayor Gatsas needs an attitude adjustment," continued Brunelle.  "Bullying elected officials in meetings, and threatening to beat people up downtown is an embarrassing way for any adult to act, but it is even more disgraceful considering his elected office."

The full text of the Union Leader article can be found here.