Bender for Senate - Binnie, another Milk Carton politician, no-show at Barnstead candidate forum tonight

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

The Bender for US Senate campaign released the following statement and attached flyer regarding Republican candidate Bill Binnie's decision to skip out on a candidate forum in Barnstead NH.

Statement from Communications Director, Christine Baratta

"It appears Mr. Binnie is just another milk carton politician who goes MIA when he should be answering important questions posed by Republican voters.  It is very telling that after snubbing voters in Sandown last week, he once again has disregarded voters by skipping out on tonight’s candidate forum. 

New Hampshire voters expect and deserve to meet all the candidates face to face so they can decide who will represent their best interests in Washington.  If Mr. Binnie says he is ready to engage, then voters should wonder why he couldn’t attend tonight’s candidate forum, how can we expect him to show up to vote for legislation.  New Hampshire voters can return the favor by not showing up to vote for him on September 14th.

Alan Glassman Co-Chairman of the Barnstead-Alton Republican Committee who organized the forum confirmed that Binnie committed to attend, and then cancelled his appearance."