CHQ - Richard Viguerie on the death of James J. Kilpatrick

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Richard Viguerie on the death of James J. Kilpatrick -- Richard Viguerie comments on the death of columnist James J. Kilpatrick, a man Viguerie says helped pave the way for those who came after him in building the conservative movement for over 40 years.  "In the dark ages of conservatism--before direct mail, before Rush, before the Fox News Channel, and way before the Internet--there was Kilpatrick with his columns and national television appearances.  He gave encouragement to millions of conservatives as he expressed their beliefs," Viguerie said.

The Tea Party isn't aiming for a partnership with the GOP -- it's aiming for a takeover
Wall Street Journal -- Tea Party activists Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe write that the movement's values -- individual freedom, fiscal responsibility and limited government -- bind it together and make it superior to any political organization, and that's why Tea Partiers are not looking to merely partner with the GOP, they're aiming to take it over.  Armey and Kibbe say that Tea Partiers are infiltrating Republican primaries and supporting candidates who will uphold their values -- and it's working all across America.

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