CONCORD - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party launched a new website, At Ayotte's Table. The website comes a day after Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte was asked for one issue where she disagreed with the Washington GOP and responded that "nothing comes to mind that's on the table now" [Concord Monitor, 8/17/10]. At Ayotte's Table gives New Hampshire a chance to see what exactly Ayotte and her fellow Washington GOP insiders are bringing to the table for the Granite State in 2010.

"The only thing Kelly Ayotte and her fellow insiders at the Washington GOP are bringing to the table are already-failed polices that will take the Granite State backwards," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "They want to take us back to a time where insurance companies ran health care, Wall Street ran our savings accounts, and Big Oil could wreak havoc on our communities to protect their own profits. Since Kelly Ayotte herself admitted she'd be nothing more than a rubberstamp for whatever GOP policies are coming out of Washington these days, it's only fair for the Granite State to see exactly what those policies are."

For more information, visit www.atayottestable.com.