CHQ - CNN is dying by not differentiating from other liberal media

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Richard Viguerie: CNN is dying by not differentiating
Washington Examiner -- Richard Viguerie chuckles at the notion that CNN is doing poorly in the ratings because it 'plays it down the middle,' arguing that CNN is dying because the cable news network has failed to differentiate itself from other media outlets that are most decidedly liberal and elitist in orientation.  "CNN has not only failed to position or differentiate itself, or provide a 'Unique Selling Point' to draw viewers, it has strongly branded itself as another 'ruling class establishment' news organization out of touch with America's views and values," Viguerie concludes.

Karl Rove's immigration fallacy
Washington Times -- Florida Republican congressional candidate (24th district) Tom Garcia addresses former George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove's notion that granting blanket amnesty to illegal aliens would automatically bring those voters into the Republican tent, arguing that it's just the opposite:  granting citizenship to aliens would only deflate the GOP further with Hispanic constituencies.  Garcia says none of Rove's assertions are true, and that the only way to elevate the GOP's stature with Hispanics is to emphasize the same all-American values that every other ethnic group has found so appealing over the course of our history.

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Richard A. Viguerie