NHDP - Statement from Executive Director Mike Brunelle on Mayor Gatsas's Endorsement of Kelly Ayotte

Manchester - Mike Brunelle, executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party issued to the following statement regarding Republican Mayor Ted Gatsas's endorsement of Kelly Ayotte's candidacy for the United States Senate.

"Kelly Ayotte has openly stated that she would not be an independent voice for the citizens of Manchester.  She opposed extending unemployment benefits for struggling workers in the Queen City, and called for ending Recovery Act funds that kept Manchester's police officers on the streets and teachers in classrooms.

"As the Mayor of Manchester, Ted Gatsas should be ashamed of himself. His endorsement of Kelly Ayotte is at odds with his own beliefs.  While Gatsas is helping Ayotte campaign to end the job creating Recovery Act, he is spending those very same funds to help build the new Municipal complex on Valley Street.  And how would Gatsas have balanced the budget and funded the City schools without the education funding aid in the Recovery Act?  Would he have raised property taxes? This is blatant hypocrisy from the Mayor."