“An entity within The Archdiocese of Boston is openly distorting the picture the laity is receiving on what surely will lead to the end of their Catholic involvement in health care,” said R. T. Neary of Medfield, Chairman of the Coalition To Save Catholic Health Care. “Furthermore, it is severely damaging the reputation of the Archdiocese itself,” he added.

             “Some practicing Roman Catholics committed to defending orthodoxy are being treated in a very shabby manner,” he stated.  Neary said that the trickery being used in pushing negotiations with a controversial venture capital firm is bringing the continuing lack of ethical/moral public relations to a new low.

              “The trickery and breach of ethics beyond their stonewalling us has, unfortunately, tarnished the laity’s view of the Archdiocese’s manner of operating," said Neary. The Caritas Christi Health Care System, which is overseen by the Cardinal Archbishop, was caught in a particularly devious act committed by their Director of Media Relations, Chris Murphy, at the news conference announcing the Coalition’s formation, held in the Omni Parker House in Boston on July 27.

               A Boston Globe article the following day reported: “Caritas spokesman Chris Murphy, who attended the event at the Omni Parker House in Boston, said most of the group’s complaints were unfounded”. The Globe article quoted Murphy: “The wild speculation engaged in today is absurd.” Neary responded to the article by saying: “Murphy has flagrantly mischaracterized the Coalition, but this is far from the end of the story.”

                “What was particularly egregious is that Mr. Murphy had signed in by using a false identity, under a pseudonym,” Neary stated.  “And worse still, when greeted by Coalition leaders at the start of the event, he identified himself as a Catholic layman who worked for the Bank of America, and he had come because of his interest in the subject.  Mr. Murphy, under his alias, was welcomed”.

                 “To make matters even worse than that, with regard to his accusatory quote in the Boston Globe, he never asked a single question nor did he challenge any part of our presentation during the one-hour event,” Neary stated.  “Not a solitary question, although it was made clear that we were there to be sure our stance was transparent and fully understood.  Handouts included letters of strong objection to the Caritas negotiations with Cerberus Capital Management L.P. and its subsidiary Steward, which have been sent to Attorney General Martha Coakley.  The Archdiocese, through this Cerberus connection, has embarked on a misguided course, but also it is causing further serious damage to its reputation”, Neary concluded.

                  The Coalition To Save Catholic Health Care includes Right To Life organizations in Virginia, Ohio, Illinois and California.  All are committed to permanent Catholic ownership in order to retain the mission and practice of health care in the Roman Catholic tradition.