CHQ - Viguerie: Obama's attacks on Americans for Prosperity proves its effectiveness

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Richard Viguerie:  President Obama's attack on conservative Americans for Prosperity proves its grassroots effectiveness
Newsmax -- Richard Viguerie touches on yet another instance of demagoguery from President Obama and the Democrats towards conservatives, this time singling out the conservative grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) for special rebuke because of the AFP's effective ad campaigns against congressional Democrats.  In the end, Viguerie says AFP should be flattered:  "You don't kick a sleeping dog. Mr. Obama and the Democrats, by focusing on AFP, demonstrate they know what an effective job AFP is doing."

The GOP's lost brand needs to be recovered
American Thinker -- Randall Hoven presents the ugly truth about the Republican Party, mainly that it was leading us down the path to socialism well before President Obama took office. There's no need for conservatives to try and revise the record -- numbers don't lie.  Hoven says the GOP needs to become the party of fiscal responsibility once again, to offer a legitimate alternative to the Big Government statist Democrats, and then let the voters decide which vision of government they prefer.

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