DNC - Hmmm... "spending August with his family on vacation"?

YESTERDAY:  Romney to skip Iowa State Fair for family vacation. A Romney spokesman states that Mitt Romney will be skipping the Iowa State Fair because he was spending the month on a family vacation.  “‘He was spending August with his family on vacation,’ Eric Fehrnstrom replies, indicating that Romney meant no slight to the Hawkeye State.” [Politico, 8/18/10]

TODAY:  Romney to make 3rd trip to New Hampshire this month to spend time with campaign supporters.  RealClearPolitics points out that the former Governor’s New Hampshire schedule this weekend includes an event with hundreds of former campaign staffers and close supporters.   “Romney and his wife, Ann, will spend all of Saturday afternoon at a summer barbecue at Bob and Tona White's house on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire, according to an invitation provided to RealClearPolitics by a longtime Romney supporter…The barbecue is another line on Romney's agenda to get the band together again; several hundred former campaign staffers and close supporters are expected to attend.” [RCP, 8/19/10]