NHDP - Jeb Bradley Silent on Conflict with John Stephen Campaign

State Senate candidate Beverly Woods challenges Bradley to explain discrepancy to voters


Concord - Last week, Jeb Bradley's voting record in the New Hampshire Senate collided with attacks from John Stephen's gubernatorial campaign, of which Bradley is co-chair. In a Manchester Union Leader article from Aug. 13, John Stephen's campaign made scathing attacks on Senate Bill 500 and stated that John Stephen never would have let the bill pass. Bradley and all but one his Republican colleagues in the Senate voted in favor of Senate Bill 500.


"Jeb Bradley has some explaining to do to the voters here in District 3," said Democratic state Senate candidate Beverly Woods.  "It seems that his position as campaign co-chair for John Stephen is interfering with his role as state Senator."


After once labeling John Stephen a "big spending bureaucrat," Bradley confirmed his commitment to John Stephen's bid for governor in March. So far, Bradley has not commented on the clear disconnect between his Senate voting record and the conflicting talking points of the Stephen campaign.


"Does Jeb Bradley now agree with the Stephen campaign on Senate Bill 500?  Will he flip-flop on his vote, or stand behind it?" asked Woods.  "I challenge Bradley to address this discrepancy and explain to voters how he can support John Stephen and his campaign's attacks on Senate Bill 500, when Bradley himself voted in favor of it."


"This November, voters have choices," continued Woods. "The question is whether or not they will choose to re-elect someone whose rhetoric does not correspond with his record."