Ovide2010: Letter signed by 41 activists supporting Ovide for Senate


An open letter to our friends in liberty:

Many voters now recognize how “change” has pushed our state and nation in the wrong direction, particularly since our transformation toward centralized-government planning has picked up speed in the last few years. The ideas that Americans fought to defeat in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and two World Wars have now taken hold in Concord and in Washington. Our way of life and the hope for our children’s prosperity is waning as a result.

The 2010 elections in New Hampshire and throughout the United States present an opportunity to peacefully reclaim our birthrights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without government interference. These elections present the chance to restore our well-documented system of limited government that led to the most prosperous nation the Earth has seen. To seize this opportunity, we must assume our personal responsibility and fully evaluate how the various candidates align with core American principles.

When it comes to the U.S. Senate race, Ovide Lamontagne is a man of great honor and conviction—so much, in fact, that former U.S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey called him “honest, forthright and truthful” and “certain of principles.” We, the undersigned, have vetted Ovide Lamontagne and are certain that he rises well above the other candidates in the field. He presents our best chance to redirect the U.S. Senate toward our nation’s foundation in liberty, as protected in the U.S. Constitution. We urge readers to support Ovide, too.

Besides his respect for the Constitution, Ovide has introduced “Ovide's Oath,” a 15-point pledge that strongly respects the principles of liberty as they apply in today’s world. His oath includes promises to refuse earmark requests, to reform the IRS, to repeal Obamacare, to end payouts from the failed stimulus, and to reduce our nation’s crippling debt and taxes so businesses can create jobs.

Ovide’s Oath is not all that separates Ovide Lamontagne in the race for New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate seat. In contrast with the other candidates, Ovide has consistently supported the pro-liberty solution to every major problem facing the nation:

  • Ovide supports a full audit of the Federal Reserve. During a February 2010 meeting, Jim Bender said he opposed such an audit.

  • Ovide knows that only Congress has the authority to declare war according to the U.S. Constitution. During a conversation with a voter, Jim Bender said that we must “expand our foreign empire” and use “confiscated natural resources” to rebuild Iraq.

  • Ovide knows that illegal immigrants are draining Social Security and our health care system of their much-needed resources, so we must make sure all immigrants to the country come here legally. Bill Binnie openly opposes the recently passed immigration law in Arizona that would allow police officers to ask people for proof of citizenship if they commit a crime.

  • Ovide knows that judges, according to the Constitution, “should be focused on interpreting the law, rather than legislating or making policy from the bench.” Kelly Ayotte said she would have supported Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and she is backed by Sen. Judd Gregg, who voted to confirm Justice Elena Kagan. Both are judicial activists with no respect for the Constitution.

  • Ovide supports abolishing the Department of Education and returning control of education to the states, communities and parents. No other Senate candidate has specifically noted support for this idea.

  • Ovide is a 10th Amendment candidate who understands the Constitution and its role in limiting federal authority so that states and local communities can have more control over their own way of life.

We have to wisely choose our next U.S. Senator, for our Republic’s time is short unless we elect Senators who know and respect our nation’s founding principles and the liberty they promise for all. We believe Ovide Lamontagne is the best candidate for the job and we strongly urge you to join us in his campaign to take the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator on Sept. 14.

Yours in liberty,

Keshia Alicea (Nashua),
Maria Bergeron (Auburn),
Bill Campbell (Westmoreland),
Sam Cohen (Bennington),
Brett Collopy (Farmington),
State Rep. Tim Comerford (Fremont),
Jennifer Cyr (Rochester),
Cameron DeJong (Manchester),
Jonathan Forehand (Manchester),
Robert Gates (Rochester),
Doris Gates (Rochester),
Lisa Gravel (Manchester),
Andrew Hemingway (Bristol),
Kyle Jones (Rochester),

Laura Jones (Rochester),
Jon LeBrun (Loudon),
Fred Leonard (Rochester),
Dawn Lincoln (Westmoreland),
Derek MacMillen Kittredge Esq. (Rochester),
Andrew J. Manuse (Derry),
Jennifer E. Manuse, Ph.D. (Derry),

James McCloskey (Manchester),
Shannon McGinley (Bedford),

Kevin McHugh (Salem),
Carolyn McKinney (Amherst),
Jorge Mesa-Tejada (Hampstead),
Paul Mirski (Enfield),
David Mitchell (Nashua),
David K. Murotake, Ph.D. (Nashua),

Skip Murphy (Gilford), GraniteGrok.com,
Cassandra Novak (Bedford),
Darrell Pack (New Durham),
Michele Paradiso (Rochester),

Stephen Patton (Stratham),
Susan Patton (Stratham),

Eric Rousseau (Auburn),
Greg Salts (Manchester),
Febie Salts (Manchester),
Emily Sandblade (Derry),

Jack Thomas (Hampstead),
Diane Wood (Rochester)