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Gordon Duff
CNN Cover-Up is Facebook Sex Toy IDF Kapo Queen
U.S. Veterans and Holocaust Math Don't Add Up
A "Kapo" was a Jew who served the Nazis, sometimes as administrators, but more often as thuggish camp police, even more brutal than the Nazi's themselves.  Though over a million living in Israel claim to be "holocaust survivors," in reality only a few thousand survived the camps, many of them "Kapos."  To help understand the absurdity of these "survivor" claims, we can examine another group from that era, American war veterans  Of the 16 million Americans serving in uniform that survived World War II, there are nearly the same number of survivors as the holocaust though the total Jewish population of countries controlled by Nazi Germany, prior to the holocaust according to the Jewish Virtual Library was only 5, 811, 900.  With so many Nobel Prize winners, mathematics is no longer Israel's strong suit.  Neither is truth.
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