NHDP - In Case You Missed It: Republicans Agree that New Hampshire is an Economic Leader

Concord - Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Republican candidate for Governor in Massachusetts, Charles Baker, complimented New Hampshire's lowest in the region unemployment rate and business friendly environment.  Baker told a group of 30 supporters and media, "I look at New Hampshire, right, where there is 5.8 percent unemployment. And why? Because they are more affordable, they are open for business, and they get things done."(Telegram, 8/17/2010)

"Apparently everyone but John Stephen and the New Hampshire Republican candidates realize that the Granite State is leading the national economic recovery," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Even Republican candidates in other states are quick to shower praise on the results of the responsible and steady leadership from Governor Lynch and our Democratic majorities."

News broke earlier this week that New Hampshire's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell for the fifth straight month in a row to 5.8%.  Not only is that the lowest unemployment rate in the region, but it is also nearly 40% below the national unemployment rate.  And the New Hampshire job market is growing faster than all but one other state's in the country. (Nashua Telegraph, 8/17/2010)

The Granite State is also one of the most business friendly states in the nation.  The conservative Tax Foundation cites New Hampshire as being the 7th best state for businesses in the United States.  (TaxFoundation.org)

"Is there anyone taking John Stephen's far right talking points seriously anymore?" continued Kirstein.  "From conservative think tanks, to New Hampshire business publications, to out of state Republicans, John Stephen's rhetoric is being contradicted by everyone. Even Stephen's own press secretary has told people his facts are wrong because he doesn't read his notes."

"The fact of the matter is that New Hampshire is leading the nation in key quality of life and economic metrics," added Kirstein.  "John Stephen's pathetic attempts to mislead voters have no basis in reality, and now even members of his own party are opposing his out of touch claims."

A link to an article on Charlie Baker's press conference in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette can be found here.