A message from NH Senator Jack Barnes

Dear Friend,

This is Senator Jack Barnes writing. I represent District 17 in the State Senate, and I served for four years as the Senate Majority Leader.

You may have seen a TV ad liberal Bill Binnie’s campaign is running that uses Bob Clegg to falsely attack Kelly Ayotte. I served with Bob in the State Senate and I know him well. He’s a lobbyist now, representing left-leaning groups like the state employees union and the trial lawyers.

I’m disappointed that Bill Binnie and Bob Clegg have decided to make these ridiculous accusations against Kelly. Having served with Bob, I don’t recall him making a peep about either of the two issues he references in Binnie’s attack ad.

In fact, just a year ago, Bob made a $500 contribution to Kelly’s campaign. And Bob lavished praise on Kelly, saying: “I think she’s one of the most thoughtful people on the political spectrum.”

You and I know that Kelly Ayotte demonstrated strong conservative leadership during her time as Attorney General. She is the only candidate in the race who can point to a record of standing up for Second Amendment rights and clearing individuals who used deadly force to protect themselves. And she pursued every avenue within the law to address our illegal immigration crisis – which is part of the reason why she has near-universal support from New Hampshire’s law enforcement community. Click to learn more about Kelly’s views on the Second Amendment and immigration.

No matter how much money liberal Bill Binnie spends, he will never be able to buy Kelly’s record of tough conservative leadership. To the contrary, the only thing Binnie’s record shows is that he closed a California factory and moved American jobs to Mexico. He also opposes Arizona’s new immigration law.

It’s sad to see Bill Binnie and Bob Clegg stoop to this level. This is an important election and we need to elect the most conservative candidate in the race. That’s Kelly Ayotte – a tough leader who we know will stop illegal immigration and protect our cherished Second Amendment rights.

That fact won’t change – no matter how many lobbyists liberal Bill Binnie puts on TV.


Senator Jack Barnes

Raymond, New Hampshire