CHQ - The Republican Divide: K Street versus Tea Partiers

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The Republican Divide: K Street versus Tea Partiers
Washington Examiner -- You can tell the establishment Republican candidates for the Senate from the stalwart conservatives by who funds them and how they're criticized by the Left. Establishment candidates get money from K Street and the leadership PACs of current senators and the former ones who are now well-paid lobbyists. Jim DeMint, the Republican leadership's least favorite senator, is the exception, and his Senate Conservative Fund gives money to candidates who will challenge the leadership and establishment Republicans.

Dick Armey to GOP: Why don't you have the guts to support Paul Ryan's roadmap?
Hot Air -- Former Majority Leader Dick Armey says Republicans need to "get some courage" in addressing the issues that are important to the Tea Parties, and called out the leaders of the Republican Party for their utter failure to support forward thinking ideas such as Rep. Paul Ryan's 'Roadmap' plan. The grassroots have chosen conservative candidates in GOP primaries who will show some guts once elected.

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