CHARLIE BASS UNVEILS NH BUSINESS COALITION - Outlines Positions on Reviving Economy, Creating Jobs

Republican for Congress Outlines Positions on Reviving Economy, Creating Jobs


NASHUA, NH- Peterborough Republican Charlie Bass today met with business leaders in Nashua to unveil his New Hampshire Business Coalition.  Bass, who is running for Congress in NH’s Second District, also outlined his approach to jumpstart America’s economy and create, stable, long-term, private sector job opportunities.   Speaking at Persian Rug Galleries on Main Street in Nashua, Bass announced the following people will inform and advise him on important matters relating to business and job creation.


Bass NH Business Coalition

  • Frederick Coolbroth, business attorney
  • Valerie Acres, Sheehan Phinney Capital Group
  • Bob Copenhaver, restaurateur
  • Scott Ellison, business attorney
  • Ludlow Flower, consultant
  • Gus Fromuth, energy marketer
  • Bill McNary, AeroSat
  • Bruce Marcus, pilot
  • James Murguia, Solid State Scientific
  • Jack Tulley, Tulley automobile dealerships
  • Sy Mahfuz, Persian Rug Galleries
  • Michael Green, Concord Hospital
  • Mark McCaddin, Bayside Distributing
  • Dave MacLaughlin, sales
  • Chris Nicolopoulos, attorney
  • Bob Harcke, Westmoreland
  • Kevin Waterhouse, Waterhouse Country
  • Steve Griffin, Isaacson Steel
  • Smokey Smith, Dynamic Landscape, realtor
  • Dick Hath, business owner
  • Nannu Nobis, Nobis Engineering
  • Taylor Caswell, Caswell Strategies
  • Gary Coffin, Horizon Settlement Services
  • Peter, Ben Crowell, Durgin & Crowell Lumber
  • Shawn Jasper, property owner
  • Everett McBride, research & development
  • Ray D’Amante, business attorney
  • Mark Derby, Walker & Varney, PC
  • Nancy Dwight, Dwight Partners
  • Tai-deh Hsu, GBI
  • Jim Fadden, Fadden’s General Store
  • Steve Walker, New England Wood Pellets
  • Jim Walker, Walker Motor Sales


Bass, who has been endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, criticized Washington Democrats for passing a nearly trillion dollar stimulus plan that did little beyond create temporary government jobs while piling up record budget deficits and enormous national debt.  


He stated, “Reducing uncertainty is the most effective way government can support business growth.   As a former family business owner and current business consultant, I know firsthand that economic uncertainty is what prevents companies and entrepreneurs from investing in new ventures and creating jobs.”


Bass said Washington should take the following actions to begin to revive the economy:

  1. Reduce The Deficit And Wasteful Government Spending.


  1. Make The 2001 And 2003 Tax Cuts Permanent


  1. Cut America’s Corporate Rate



  1. Make Health Care More Affordable For Small Businesses;



Bass added that today’s news about housing sales plunging 27% in July, to their lowest level since 1995, is another strong indication that the Obama-Pelosi-Reid economic programs are not working.


“This is another frightening sign that Washington Democrats are driving America down the road to ruin,” said Bass. “When you add declining housing sales to the rising the jobless rate, trillion dollar job-killing deficits, and run away government spending, you get an economy that has clearly gotten worse under the Democrats control.” 


“This is just one more example of why we need change now in Washington, and why my first vote in Congress will be to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House,” Bass concluded. ” The President and the liberal democrats in Congress continue to push our country towards financial ruin.  They need to be stopped now and I intend to do just that.”