Bender campaign launches "Jim for Job s" television ad highlighting Jim Bender’s experience and leadership skills

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

“Jim for Jobs” television ad highlights Jim Bender’s experience and leadership skills in creating jobs for New Hampshire

Jim Bender campaign releases new ad campaign- “Jim for Jobs”

Hollis, NH- Today the Jim Bender for U. S. Senate campaign launched its newest television advertising series, “Jim for Jobs,” featuring people who have worked for Jim Bender. These former employees discuss Jim’s character, his ability to “gets things done” and how they believe jobs can be created in New Hampshire.

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In the advertisement, Jim Bender is shown with stacks of photographs of the hundreds of people who have benefited from the jobs he created in New Hampshire.  Four profiles of former employees are featured with personal testimony.  Jim Bender then comments that less intrusive government and the freedom for businesses to innovate is what creates jobs.   Jim wants to take his business skills and experience to Washington and work to create an environment to bring jobs back to New Hampshire.

This ad campaign is running in conjunction with the ongoing “Jim for Jobs” tour across the Granite State in which Jim has been visiting families and businesses to discuss their concerns with the economy.  On a recent tour Jim spoke to Robin Tuffts of Greenland, who along with her husband has been out of work for a year.  In an interview published by Foster’s Daily Democrat, Robin said, “I want someone who can help. I feel pretty much in line with what Jim is talking about.”

Campaign Manager Beth Lindstrom said, “With this being such a contentious point in the US Senate race, voters will be talking a closer look at the candidates and this ad highlights Jim’s character and integrity as a businessman.”

In addition, the Bender campaign announced it will brand its slogan “Jim for Jobs” with a new logo and new signage ready to be seen across the state in the coming week.