CHQ - Richard Viguerie: McCain beats Hayworth; Tea Party wins

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Richard Viguerie:  McCain beats Hayworth; Tea Party wins -- Richard Viguerie explains why Sen. John McCain's victory over J.D. Hayworth in yesterday's Republican primary is actually a victory for the Tea Party. McCain owes his victory to the pressure he received from conservatives and Tea Partiers to move to the right -- a position he hasn't seen since the mid-90's.  "Conservatives and Tea Party activists look forward to welcoming Senator McCain and other lost conservatives back from their flirtations with big government," Viguerie added. Of course, the proof of this 'conversion' will be in the pudding, and conservatives have been burnt too many times to think a pressured conversion is a lasting one. For now, however, McCain is like the prodigal son.

Alaska GOP Senate race too close to call -- conservative Joe Miller leads Sen. Lisa Murkowski
American Spectator (blog) -- There's little doubt that conservatives' ousting incumbent Republican Sen. Robert Bennett (Utah) earlier this year was a big story, but perhaps the biggest political story (and victory for conservative Tea Partiers) of the season is evolving right now in Alaska, where the Gov. Sarah Palin-backed conservative Joe Miller narrowly leads incumbent RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski for the GOP's nomination.  Miller was vastly outspent by the establishment-backed Murkowski, and the fact that race was even close indicates that principled, small-government, constitutional conservatives are not going to sit idly by while government fails to reform itself.

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