NHDP - Guinta Wants to Axe Big Bird but Supports Budget Busting Tax Breaks for Mega-Millionaires

Will the other first Congressional district candidates join Guinta's assault on Bert and Ernie?

Concord -Today, first Congressional district Republican candidate Frank Guinta, called for ending the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (redhampshire.com)  But it's not just Big Bird that should be worried, Guinta has also called for eliminating the Departments of Energy and Education, policies that would slash funding for schools and leave gaping holes in our national security.

"Frank Guinta and the rest of the Republican candidates' race to the far right fringe of their party is becoming ridiculous," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "First it was the Departments of Education and Energy, and now Public Television is on the chopping block."

Recently, Frank Guinta, Sean Mahoney, and Rich Ashooh have all called for the elimination of the Department of Energy.  Mahoney went so far as to say that he couldn't find anyone who could tell him what the department did, and stated "we don't need [it]." (YouTube.com)  All three candidates ignored DOE's vital role in monitoring safety conditions at nuclear power plants like the Seabrook Station in New Hampshire's first Congressional district. (energy.gov)  And the Department's work protecting our nuclear technology and materials from theft by foreign nations and terrorist attacks. (energy.gov)

The Republican congressional candidates' opposition to the essential funding provided by the Department of Education has been just as fierce.  Frank Guinta, Bob Bestani, and Rich Ashooh have all called for dismantling the department, but none have put forward plans for how they would replace the nearly half a billion dollars in federal aid New Hampshire Schools receive every year to keep teachers in classrooms, and pay for school supplies and renovations. (education.nh.gov)

"After echoing Guinta's out of touch calls to abolish the Departments of Energy and Education, will Sean Mahoney, Rich Ashooh, and Bob Bestani, join him in calling for an end to Sesame Street as well?" asked Kirstein.  "Not only is eliminating Sesame Street an ineffective way to reduce spending, but it also sends a clear message to voters; Frank Guinta is not a viewer like you."

In addition to ending an immensely valuable public service, over the next ten years Guinta's plan to eliminate the Corporation for Public Broadcasting would save just 0.614% of what extending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% of Americans would cost during the same amount of time. (Citizens for Tax Justice)

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is the parent company for the Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio, which produce shows like Sesame Street, Nova, the PBS News Hour, All Things Considered, and numerous local programs like New Hampshire Public Radio's The Exchange.

"The Republican Congressional candidates irresponsible pandering is reaching new lows," added Kirstein.  "Eliminating the Department of Energy would have seriously national security implications. Abolishing the Department of Education would devastate our local schools.  And now they are attacking Elmo and Big Bird. Talk about being a bunch of Oscar the Grouches."