Bass For Congress - BASS RELEASES FIFTH POSITION VIDEO - Says ObamaCare "Never Should Have Been Passed"

In “ObamaCare,” Bass Says Health Care Plan “Never Should Have Been Passed”

Concord, NH- Peterborough Republican Charlie Bass today released the fifth in a series of videos that outline his positions on key issues and campaign developments.   Bass is running for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd District. 

In “ObamaCare,” which can be viewed on Bass’ YouTube Channel and the video section of the campaign’s website,, Bass says the “ObamaCare” reform, “…will not be competitive.  It will not be private.  It will be subsidized primarily by taxpayers’ dollars.   It will be run out of Washington D.C., not out of states like New Hampshire.”

Bass continues, “We have passed a health care plan that is going to cost Americans trillions of dollars – trillions of dollars that we cannot afford.”

Bass says he will fight in Congress to repeal the Washington Democrats’ health care plan, and replace it with a plan that will make health care more competitive and affordable.   Bass’ approach would include:

  • Disassociating health insurance from employment
  • Allowing any plan legally approved in one state to be offered in all other states, or
  • Allowing insurers to offer health insurance plans nationwide with a federal charter
  • Creating large national risk pools - recognizing the need to address pre-existing conditions
  • Enacting meaningful tort reform
  • Making the establishment of Health Savings Accounts as attractive as possible
  • Fully funding community health care centers