CHQ - Miller edges closer to defeating Murkowski in Alaska

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Miller edges closer to defeating Murkowski in Alaska and credits Palin for success
Daily Caller -- The votes are still being counted in Alaska, and the winner probably won't be called for about a week, but it's becoming increasingly clear that conservative challenger Joe Miller has likely defeated Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary.  Several factors contributed to Miller's apparent win including an endorsement from Sarah Palin, the financial support of the Tea Party Express, and a Pro-Life ballot measure that brought out Alaska's values voters in droves -- and it all adds up to a big win for conservative reformers.

A Sen. Lisa Murkowski loss would make Palin GOP's No. 1 Kingmaker
Newsmax -- David Patten writes on the impact of a likely victory for Gov. Sarah Palin-endorsed Joe Miller in the Alaska GOP U.S. Senate race, an upset so stunning that some are saying it will elevate Palin to the status of 'Kingmaker' in the Republican Party.  Pundits will debate the true value of Palin's endorsements in Alaska and other places, but there's no doubting that having a candidate's name associated with the former Vice Presidential nominee is starting to look very good.

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