1st District Candidates for Congress, Peter Bearse and Rick Parent, were wrongfully excluded from the first actual debate of the campaign last night in Derry, sponsored by the Derry Republican Town Committee (RTC). Only fellow candidate Frank Guinta recognized the exclusion as wrong and said so, publicly, in his opening remarks. Other candidates and Republicans tried to rationalize or ignore the wrong. These included the Moderator, Fergus Cullen. When Bearse called on him to “poll the assembled” to “let the audience vote: Would they like to hear a broader range of views?” Cullen refused. Earlier in the day, one of State GOP Chairman John Sununu’s staff had told Bearse that the Chairman was opposed to such exclusions. Among other considerations, the behavior of the Derry RTC was “contrary to the Party’s By-Laws.”

Where exclusion of candidates is allowed, the public-at-large is the largest loser for not hearing fresh and alternative views such as those Bearse and Parent would have brought to the debate. Among these would have been questions not asked as well as those asked but not well or completely answers. The major question not asked was: “What’s the most basic problem to be faced in the next Congress?” Bearse would answer: “Congress is broke and only We the People can fix it.”

Responses from the included candidates can be characterized as “same -old/same old.” No questions were allowed from the audience. The latter indicates the highly scripted superficiality of the so-called “debate.” For another key question in this historic election year, when Americans are waking up like a sleeping giant seeking to “take back” their government, is: “What would you do as a Congressman to involve the public in finding solutions to the problems that we must solve as a nation?” Clearly, neither the event’s organizers nor the “top 4” candidates give a damn for public participation, even in helping to ask the right questions. By a contrast shut out by the excluders, Bearse is the only candidate to take the question seriously, as shown in his “10 pt. Program to Empower People.” Parent concurs, bringing his own unique experience with people to bear.

The silence of the other candidates on the wrong done is deafening, and indicative of what we can expect from them if they are elected to Congress. For the overwhelming pressure on new Members is to go-along/get-along”(GA/GA). If you can’t recognize and fight against this by honoring Republican values-in-action in your own back yard, how would you face up to the GA/GA pressures of Washington? This question answers itself. NH Republicans need to recall the biblical line “Are we like sheep”, from Handel’s Messiah.

Released by Rick Parent and Supporters of Peter Bearse for Congress on Thursday, 8/26