CEI - Today in the News: Offshore Drilling, Auto Insurance, and the Green Industry


Friday, August 27, 2010


Offshore Drilling


As Obama continues to push the moratorium, the Gulf region economy suffers.


Associate Fellow Ben Lieberman points out that those most affected by the BP oil spill are still in favor of offshore drilling.


"A clear majority continued to support drilling in American waters even during the height of the spill, when oil was gushing uncontrollably and dying birds headlined network newscasts. Pollsters at Rasmussen reported on Aug. 4 that "since the oil-rig explosion that caused the massive oil leak, support for offshore drilling has ranged from 56 percent to 64 percent." That's fairly consistent with the percentages in April of this year, just before the spill, and not a huge drop-off from the 72 percent that supported it back in the summer of 2008, when pump prices topped $4 a gallon."



Auto Insurance


Many insurance companies sell auto insurance to drivers who don't have state-issued licenses. One of their reasons is that there's no social benefit to keeping illegal immigrants from being insured.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton says that this practice demonstrates how the nation benefits from letting illegal aliens operate withing the confines of the law.


"Most states prevent illegals from obtaining licenses. Does this stop them from driving? No. It only makes it more likely that they will not understand the traffic laws and will be more likely to cause an accident. At least, when uneducated driver (not necessarily through any fault of their own), they might have insurance."




The Green Movement


Global warming hysteria has turned the "go green movement" into a huge American green industry. Sean Hannity hones in on “The Green Swindle” in a special edition of his show, schedule to air tonight at 9pm ET on Fox News.

CEI’s Christopher Horner, Myron Ebell, Iain Murray, and R.J. Smith were interviewed for this special episode of Hannity. Watch tonight to learn the truth about the green industry.