NHDP - Ayotte: Too Busy Slinging Mud to Talk Jobs

Ayotte Spends the Week Attacking Binnie Instead of Giving the Granite State a Jobs Plan


CONCORD - After spending her time (and her money) this week engaging in political mudslinging with GOP primary opponent Bill Binnie, Kelly Ayotte has still failed to give the Granite State a plan to create jobs.


Since beginning her campaign for the US Senate, Ayotte has refused to offer one new idea to put New Hampshire back to work. The Jobs and Economy section on her campaign website has three vague bullet points. The only ideas she's peddled on the trail are the already-failed Republican policies of the past - tax cuts for the wealthiest families, giant subsidies for corporations that ship American jobs overseas, and de-regulation of the big banks on Wall Street.


She's also advocated for a repeal of the Recovery Act which saved the jobs of thousands of teachers, firefighters and cops across New Hampshire.


"Maybe if Kelly Ayotte spend less time playing gutter politics with Bill Binnie and more time putting ideas on the table to create jobs for New Hampshire, voters wouldn't be souring on her candidacy," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "With the far-right whispering in one ear, and the Washington establishment barking orders in the other, it's understandable that the Granite State's voices aren't making it through to Kelly Ayotte.


"But as New Hampshire's middle-class families work to recover in the wake of economic collapse, the last thing they need is a US Senator who'd rather spend her time playing politics than offering solutions," said Browne.