Shares common sense plan to eliminate incentives for pols to hang around so long

(Manchester)   With the current ethics scandal surrounding long-time Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel as his backdrop, Rich Ashooh launched a new web video today.  In it, he shares his common sense plan for reforming Congress by eliminating the incentives that keep politicians hanging around Washington for so long.

     Ashooh points out, “The current system in Washington is broken and totally out of touch with voters. Worse yet, it only increases a politician’s ability to become powerful and take advantage of perks. I have a plan for common sense changes that can be put in place with the right leadership.  It includes four steps:  freezing Congressional pay, eliminating taxpayer-funded congressional pensions, term limiting committee chairmanships, and slashing the Congressional budget.”

View the video by clicking here.

     Ashooh, a Republican candidate for the First Congressional District, was also featured in The Nashua Telegraph on Sunday with a guest column entitled: “Limited government starts with Congressional Reform.” The piece echoes the same important themes from the video, plus some additional thoughts.