CHQ - Ken Cuccinelli: 'boat rocking,' rising conservative star profiled in WaPo: He's a nice family guy with principles

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Ken Cuccinelli: 'boat rocking,' rising conservative star profiled in WaPo: He's a nice family guy with principles
Washington Post
-- The Washington Post, which throughout his career has tried to take down Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli because he's a principled conservative, has - astonishingly - written a favorable, in-depth profile of Ken Cuccinelli and his family. WaPo does a good job describing Cuccinelli's drive to do what's right - and in a way that is consistent with the Constitution and our Founding principles. Ken will take positions he believes are principled regardless of whether they are popular. He has even managed to 'confound' a few people who have predisposed notions of him and conservatives.

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New 'Tea Party bible' explains why the Tea Party is surging and the Republican Party isn't
Politico - Efforts continue in trying to describe the phenomenon that has become America's Tea Parties, and one book has emerged which many in the Tea Party say explains how and why the Tea Parties are effective, whereas other movements have failed to last. The book is called 'The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations.' Tea Parties, which are 'starfish' organizations, are successful because they're able to branch off into numerous autonomous pieces, which provides power through a lack of centralization.

According to Richard Viguerie, the book also helps explain why the Republican Party can't seem to get a hold of the Tea Parties: "The successors to Reagan's GOP do not understand (the principles outlined in the book), and they seem more beholden to staying in Washington than saving America. They are 'spiders.'"

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