NHDP - Thirty Reasons John Stephen is Under 30%

UNH poll shows Stephen's negative campaign isn't resonating with New Hampshire voters

Concord - Last Friday, the University of New Hampshire Survey Center released a poll showing that New Hampshire voters are not responding to John Stephen's campaign of partisan attacks, and that he was receiving support from less than 30% of the state's voters.

To help John Stephen understand why voters are supporting Governor Lynch's steady and responsible leadership instead of his floundering campaign, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is releasing a list of 30 reasons why Stephen is under 30%.  The list highlights the numerous reasons why New Hampshire is a great place to live and work, and it also reminds voters of Stephen's record of fiscal incompetence and questionable ethics.

"Since John Stephen announced his third run for office, he has been campaigning on nothing but partisan attacks," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Stephen has proposed no real solutions to the serious challenges facing the Granite State, and is ignoring New Hampshire's place as a national leader in key quality of life metrics."

The full list of all thirty reasons John Stephen received less than 30% in the latest UNH poll is below.


1.       Under Gov. Lynch's steady leadership, New Hampshire has the second-fastest job growth in the nation.

2.       New Hampshire has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation (nearly 40 percent below the national average).

3.       Gov. Lynch put his business experience to work reforming state government, making the tough, responsible decisions to cut state spending, balance the budget, maintain New Hampshire's strong credit rating, and create a surplus.  

4.       The Granite State is the 7th most business friendly state in the nation.

5.       The Granite State has the 2nd lowest taxes and 4th lowest state spending in the country. 

6.       The New Hampshire Working plan is helping citizens who need jobs find them, helping workers with jobs keep them, and ensuring that Granite Staters are trained for the jobs of the future.

7.       New Hampshire's 'Green Launching Pad' is helping Granite State businesses create new jobs in clean technologies.

8.       New Hampshire has been named the safest state in the nation for the third year in a row.

9.       Gov. Lynch passed one of the nation's toughest laws to protect children from sexual predators and online abuse.

10.   New Hampshire has once again been named the best state to raise a child in.

11.   Under Gov. Lynch, every child in every community in the Granite State can now attend public kindergarten.

12.   Gov. Lynch pushed through an innovative education plan that reduced New Hampshire's high school dropout rate by 30 percent in the past year.

13.   Last year, New Hampshire was one of only five states in the nation that saw fourth and eighth grade math test scores improve.

14.   The Granite State has a comprehensive energy plan that is making the state more competitive for the future - and putting people to work today - by helping businesses, families and local governments reduce their energy costs and building new renewable energy facilities.

15.   Under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire was the first state in the country to get 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources.

16.   Under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire state government has become more transparent - with monthly state spending reports online for the first time.

17.   New Hampshire has a strong new state ethics law, an Executive Branch Ethics Commission, and tougher regulations on lobbyists.

18.   Under Gov. Lynch, the Granite State's minimum wage increased for the first time in 10 years and a new law was passed to protect workers from being laid off without notice.

19.   Gov. Lynch has worked with the legislature to fund services for people on the developmental disabilities wait-list.

20.   Under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire is putting more services - such as drivers' license renewals  online.

21.   John Stephen is a 20-year government official, whose own campaign chair, Sen. Jeb Bradley, has called a "big spending bureaucrat."

22.   Stephen doesn't read "his notes," at his press conferences and wrongly told voters New Hampshire is ruined.

23.   John Stephen has proposed a $600 million plan that will lead to the largest property tax increase in Granite State history.

24.   Because of John Stephen's mismanagement as Health and Human Services Commissioner, New Hampshire taxpayers could be forced to pay more than $40 million as a result of audits and lawsuits.

25.   John Stephen can't be trusted. Even officials in his own party find Stephen untrustworthy.  Rep. Fran Wendelboe said there was a "real problem getting straight numbers" out of him.

26.   As Health and Human Services Commissioner, John Stephen joined with Craig Benson to secretly submit a plan to the federal government that would have cut health care for pregnant women and children, forced seniors out of nursing homes, and required people to travel up to 95 miles for routine health care.

27.   The Concord Monitor called Stephen's secret plan a "fiscal disaster for New Hampshire."

28.   John Stephen asked for a half-billion increase in his budget as Health and Human Services Commissioner.

29.   John Stephen opposes a woman's right to choose in all cases and said he would repeal New Hampshire's marriage equality law.

30.   John Stephen demanded nearly $400,000 from the state of Rhode Island for work he was supposedly doing as a volunteer. The Rhode Island Attorney General's office is investigating.